Super 30 (2019) – Movie Review

Super 30 is a biographical drama film directed by Vikas Bahl. The film is based on the life of mathematician Anand Kumar and his educational program Super 30, where he provides free coaching to poor but talented IIT aspirants.

The film stars Hritik Roshan in the role of an exceptionally talented mathematician Anand Kumar but being from the poor family he fails miserably to pursue his dreams. After the death of his father Ishwar Kumar (Virendra Saxena), he loses all the hope he had and starts selling Papad (snacks) for the sake of his family. Not so long into the film, Anand meets Lallan Singh (Aditya Shrivastava), who is running IIT coaching centers and offers Anand the job of a teacher at his centers. After getting this job, Anand starts making a better life for himself and his family. But soon, he realizes his participation in this shady business of education. And how it is discriminating poor and rich students, and closing all the opportunities for the poor ones; The same way in which fate had denied on his dreams. And then Anand quits his job and starts the free coaching center for the 30 poor and underprivileged students.

The film had all the factor to be successful – a really inspiring story, a strong lead; But I must say, it failed in the execution as a whole. There are some moments, where the film really delivers some highly motivating and emotionally gravitating scenes. But most of the times all of it seems so filmy because of so much dramatization of the story. There are very few scenes where we can see Anand is actually teaching to his students, spending time on them, and preparing them for the competition. The film actually needed more of these rather than some useless drama. This film is an unrealistic representation of a very realistic story. The background music of the film is also not that good, rather it was spoiling some moments for me.

Undeniably, Hritik Roshan shines in his role as a lead character, his efforts which he spent on Bihari accent and body language can be seen, and are really appreciating. Pankaj Tripathi as a local Minister also delivers flawless and enjoyable performance, as always, no doubt in that. The film does show the reality of society, and also shows how much money matters more than real talent. I also liked some of the strong messages which film delivers, like – “In today’s world, the king’s son won’t become the king, instead the one who deserves will become the king”. This film made me remember Hichki (2018), which was a much better and much more realistic version of a similar story. I really hope that Super 30 would have stayed more grounded and real to deliver more impacting drama because it had that potential.

Verdict : The film is worth watching for its motivational story and strong performances but doesn’t expect perfection.

Rating : 3.6/5

Check the trailer here :

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