It (2017) – Movie Review

‘It’ is the latest horror film based on Stephen King’s terrifying novel & directed by Andy Muschietti. Nowadays horror films are more about jump scares with unnecessarily convoluted plots with some thrilling sound effects, but ‘It’ has changed the dynamics of conventional horror/thriller film making and raised the bar in all aspects.

The story sets in the summer of 1989 in the Town of Derry, where kids are getting disappeared, leaving behind no clues. Now rather giving us time to think, the story gives away the first screen appearance of this demonic Pennywise, the Dancing Clown (Bill Skarsgård), who hunts, kills, and then eats his prey. The look of evil clown is so horrific with scary voice tone and the dripping fluid from his mouth while he’s talking makes it legit, damn scary. From that point till the end he just rules every scene he’s in, it is just the unstoppable thrilling horror thrown at us.

The story revolves around the band of kids (The Losers’ Club), who are either getting bullied or have some fear factor, at home or at school. And soon this whole pack becomes the target of this demonic clown who feeds on their own personal fears. Their individual encounters with shape-shifting evil Pennywise in the form of their fears make them unite and face their biggest fears to get rid of this latched evil entity once and for all.

The performances by child actors are so real and applauding that we can clearly see the fear of demonic clown on their faces. The sound mixing techniques used for making the jump scares more striking and frightening, works unbelievably. There are some disturbing gory scenes which are absolutely unexpected and that too regard with children which make the story more firm and dashing. As children are the parts of central characters there are some fun friendly and warm moments which are woven cleverly into the script. This is the film which will definitely get you to the edge of your seat and will make you bite your nails out of fear. And Yes, You’ll float too.

Verdict : Definitely a worth watching horror film. Just don’t watch it alone.

Rating : 4/5


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