Mard Ko Dard Nahin Hota (2018) – Movie Review

Get Wild, Get Crazy, Get Screwed!

Mard Ko Dard Nahin Hota (In English: The Man Who Feels No Pain) is an action comedy film written and directed by Vasan Bala.

The film follows Surya (Abhimanyu Dassani), a young man, who has a rare condition called Congenital insensitivity to pain, meaning he can not feel pain. Because of the strange condition under tragic circumstances; Surya has been raised in solitude by the odd-couple combination of his father (Jimit Trivedi) and his mischievous grandfather Ajoba (Mahesh Manjarekar). In that solitude, Surya develops his fascination for fighting against the criminals by watching action films on VHS tapes, and even starts practicing martial arts on his own. What happens next is the real fun when Surya steps into the real world and starts fighting his foes.

I went for watching this film, without having any idea that what the film is about. I wanted it to surprise me with its content, and exactly that’s what happened. The film is something I’ve never seen anything like this before in the history of Indian cinema. As a director, its a second film by Vasan Bala, and he completely surprises the audience with his brilliant take of this film. The camera angles, lights, colors, slow-motion shots, and of course the unconventional story, all work together really well.

It is the debut film for Abhimanyu Dassani as a lead actor and totally steals the show. His relationship with his Ajoba is one of the best and core parts of the film. Along with leads, the film also has Radhika Madan as Supri, Surya’s childhood friend and love interest; and Gulshan Devaiah as Karate Mani and Jimmy. All of the characters in the film have a niche role to play, nobody feels out of place.

The story of the film is layered and filled with emotions, and as it progresses it gives the sense of fulfillment. The humor in the film is very well placed in the story, which works at all the moments. The action sequences in the film are so real, intense and funny at the same time. The action choreography of the film is so perfect that it’ll definitely make you remember old Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee films.

Verdict : Watching this film is like reading a comic book, which has a superhero, a heroine, an enjoyable story, and a cliched villain. ­čśŤ Don’t miss it at any cost.

Rating : 4/5

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A Quiet Place (2018) – Movie Review

Dont Make a Sound.

A Quiet Place is a horror thriller film co-written and directed by John Krasinski, who is also working as a lead character alongside Emily Blunt, his real-life wife.

The film sets in the year 2020, where Earth has been invaded by a species of mysterious creatures with unimaginable hearing ability – which they use to hunt their prey, i.e., humans. Resultantly, most of Earth’s human population has been wiped out. The film mainly focuses on the family consisting of, husband Lee (John Krasinski), wife Evelyn (Emily Blunt), sons Marcus and Beau, and their deaf daughter Regan, who are living alone in the whole town maintaining the complete silence to hide from those deadly creatures. Now this family must run by rules – without making a sound in any condition, in order to survive in this life-threatening situation.

The film is very well focused on content, depicting the story of a family’s survival against deadly creatures with ultra hearing capabilities. There are many intense and terrifying scenes which make audience bite their nails while keeping quiet. The audience can’t even make any movements on their seats or even they just cannot cough properly sometimes, which could break the silence. The plot is very refreshing and the film has successfully maintained the fine balance between its horror and thriller aspects. The performances by every single actor are so real and applauding, which makes characters compelling, and which actually makes the audience root them. And where the film manages to bring the audience to its character’s emotional state, and make the audience feel for them, then that’s where the film truly succeeds in its moto.

Verdict : Just Go for it. Get Thrilled. Sshhh… Just don’t make any sound.

Rating : 4.2/5

It (2017)

You’ll Float Too…

‘It’ is the latest horror film based on Stephen King’s terrifying novel & directed by Andy Muschietti. Nowadays horror films are more about jump scares with unnecessarily convoluted plots with some thrilling sound effects, but ‘It’ has changed the dynamics of conventional horror/thriller film making and raised the bar in all aspects.

The story sets in the summer of 1989 in the Town of Derry, where kids are getting disappeared, leaving behind no clues. Now rather giving us time to think, the story gives away the first screen appearance of this demonic Pennywise, the Dancing Clown (Bill Skarsg├ąrd), who hunts, kills, and then eats his prey. The look of evil clown is so horrific with scary voice tone and the dripping fluid from his mouth while he’s talking makes it legit, damn scary. From that point till the end he just rules the screen he’s in, it is just the unstoppable spine chilling haunting thrown at us.

The story revolves around the band of kids (The Losers’ Club), who are either getting bullied or have some fear factor, at home or at school. And soon this whole pack becomes the target of this demonic clown who feeds on their own personal fears. Their individual encounters with shape-shifting evil Pennywise in the form of their fears make them unite and face their biggest fears to get rid of this latched evil entity once and for all.

The performances by child actors are so real and applauding that we can clearly see the fear of demonic clown on their faces. The sound mixing techniques used for making the jump scares more┬ástriking and frightening, works unbelievably. There are some disturbing gory scenes which are absolutely unexpected and that too regard with children which make the story more firm and dashing. As children are the parts of central characters there are some fun friendly and warm moments which are woven cleverly into the script. This is the film which will definitely get you to the edge of your seat and will make you bite your nails out of fear. And Yes, You’ll float too.

Verdict : Definitely a worth watching horror film. Just don’t watch it alone.

Rating : 4/5


Daddy (2017)

Intense Performances but lacks Integrity of Biopic.

Daddy is this year’s highly anticipated crime drama biography film written and directed by Ashim Ahluwalia focusing on the rise and fall of India’s most feared gangster Arun Gawli. The film stars Arjun Rampal in a lead role portraying gangster-turned-politician Arun Gawli. Arjun Rampal also co-wrote and produced the film.

The film starts in the Central Mumbai of 70’s and 80’s when employment crisis strikes in mill-workers’ life which ultimately affected their next generation and their inclination towards illegal business and underworld. The trio of mill-worker’s son Arun Gawli (Arjun Rampal), Babu Reshim (Anand Ingale), and Rama Naik (Rajesh Shringarpore) comes together and starts a small time ‘B.R.A.’ gang working under Dawood Ibrahim, here named as Maqsood (Farhan Akhtar). The story also focuses on the family and love life of Arun, who eventually get married with Asha Gawli (Aishwarya Rajesh). Arun decides to leave the underworld life back for his family, but unfortunate killings of his mates Babu and Rama force him to emerge as the Don of Dagadi Chawl and the greatest enemy of Maqsood he has ever faced. In midst of all this, Inspector Vijaykar Nitin (Nishikant Kamat), with his hidden agendas keeps on chasing Arun. The rest of the movie revolves around gang war between Arun and Maqsood, and Arun trying to make his clean social image by stepping into Indian politics.

The story of the film is interesting but predictable at the same time. The outstanding narration is one of the best things where director and screenplay writer has done it flawlessly by exploring the story in the past-present fashion. In sense of acting, performances of leads as well as supporting cast are real and intense. The excellent art direction has brilliantly recreated the Bombay (older name to Mumbai) with very much detailing discovering dark alleys of the underworld and Dagdi Chawl (fortress of Arun).

There are very few gory and disturbing scenes but having very less bloodshed and less dark in nature. The only flaw of the story is that it does not have any thrilling moments with unexpected twists and turns, which audience generally expect in the crime genre movies. The story as a whole seems biased to Arun Gawli like he is trying to justify his side in the court which feels character focused and hence loses the integrity of biopic. Apart from this, the recreation of Mumbai underworld era, gang wars, killings, and intensity in character performances deserves appreciation.

Verdict : Definitely worth your time if crime drama genre is your cup of tea.

Rating : 3/5