Good Newwz (2019) – Movie Review

Good Newwz is a comedy-drama film directed by debutant Raj Mehta. The film revolves around two couples with the same surnames ‘Batra’ tryst with in-vitro fertilization. The things go wrong when they find out that the sperms of the couples have been exchanged with each other.

The film has a very fresh and unique concept. The topic around ‘in-vitro fertilization’ – which could have gone wrong easily; But this film just does a great job of weaving the sensitive issue into the situational comedy. The storyline of the film is so engaging that you will get invested in it completely. Even the characters are very cleverly portrayed that at one time you’ll have the fun with them and at other times you’ll just care for them deeply. The only thing which took me out of the film is the first two songs, which were just out of place and not necessary.

The performances in the film are so inviting and enjoyable. This is the 4th film by Akshay Kumar this year. And he’s on the fire in this one. This is his territory and he completely nails it. He has given one of the good cries in this film, after Airlift (2016). Kareena Kapoor also has her moments in the film, where she has given a fantastic performance. Diljit Dosanjh fits perfectly as the goofy character, his comic timing also works for the film. Kiara Advani has also put in the efforts to match up with these characters, and she did it fine.

The film has very funny dialogues and hilarious conversations, which will make you burst into laughter. The film also becomes emotional at some point, and you’ll surely need the tissue paper for it. The film is on the adult topic, and most of the comedy scenes are built around that, but it is definitely not vulgar. And that’s where this film stands out for me. It is one of the best situational comedy films I’ve seen in recent times.

Along with the comedy and dramatic part of it, the film is also educational, which talks about never discussed topics very frankly. The film also points to the accountability and responsibility of men surrounding the pregnancy. The film makes the very firm and strong remark on the society’s thinking around abortion and adoption. The film also touches on the problems which childless married couples face.

Verdict : After the disastrous last week with Dabangg 3, this film will definitely help you to get out of the trauma. 😛 A perfect film to watch to say goodbye to 2019.

Rating : 3.7/5

Check the trailer here :

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