Dabangg 3 (2019) – Movie Review

Dabangg 3 is an action comedy film directed by Prabhu Deva. The film is the third installment of the Dabangg film series. This is the second time when Salman Khan and Parbhu Deva are collaborating after Wanted (2009).

The film stars Salman Khan in a lead role, and once again he is reprising his role as the fearless and playful cop Chulbul/Robinhood Pandey (Salman Khan). The film revolves around the same characters which we had seen in its last two installments. The only new thing is the villain character Bali Singh (Sudeep), who had destroyed Chulbul’s life in the past. And, now in the current times, Chulbul is seeking revenge against Bali.

This film is nothing but just about Salman Khan. The film is produced by him, and even the story and the screenplay of the film are written by him. So, I’m doubtful that how much creative liberty Prabhu Deva has in it. It is the mindless action-comedy, but after some level it becomes unbearable. The film’s story is very flat and predictable. The most painful part of the film is its runtime, it is almost 3 hours long, which is filled with unnecessary songs, extra-long slow-motion shots, and useless comedy sequences.

This is the third time Salman is reprising this role, so it is like a routine for him being this character. So, he knows it well, and he does it well. Sudeep as the villain character doesn’t have a character arc, he’s just being hollow bad guy, that’s it. The film also introduces Sai Manjarekar, but unfortunately, she doesn’t have much to do.

Verdict : Dabangg > Dabangg 2 > Dabangg 3 – And still if you want to see it, then leave your brain home. Because BHAI won’t spare you. 😛

Rating : 1.8/5

Check the trailer here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AJ7cLi1Jfk

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