Ujda Chaman (2019) – Movie Review

Ujda Chaman is the comedy-drama film directed by Abhishek Pathak. The film is an official remake of the Kannada movie Ondu Motteya Kathe (2017). The film focuses on the social topic of Premature Balding in Men.

The film follows Chaman Kohli (Sunny Singh), a 30-year-old bachelor who is working as a Hindi teacher in the college and is suffering from Premature Balding. Whether Premature Balding is suffering or not or it is just a situation – is totally depends on one’s perception, and that’s what this film tries to tell comically. According to Chaman’s viewpoint, it is a suffering, because he is in search of a beautiful wife, but facing continuous rejections just because of his balding situation.

The film has a really strong and fresh topic but the execution is not that impactful. This film revolves around the central topic, but the film has some sub-plots, which doesn’t go with the film and deviates it. It also takes the film miles away from realism. But, the lead character played by Sunny Singh is totally believable. We can relate to the little problems which he faces in his life. The film does talks on body-shaming, and tires to explore the bad part of the society, where everybody is judged by their looks and not by their inner human characteristics. Definitely, the film could have been executed in a more impacting way, but still, it is one time watchable.

Verdict : A light-hearted comedy film with a strong concept but failed in exploring it.

Rating : 3.2/5

Check the trailer here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ls7RHTnCuiY

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