El Camino : A Breaking Bad Movie (2019) – Movie Review

El Camino is a western crime-drama film written and directed by Vince Gilligan. This film is a continuation of the television series Breaking Bad, the best tv series of all time. The film released digitally on Netflix, as well as limited theatrically, on 11th October 2019.

The film follows Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), where he has escaped from Jack and his gang in the show’s series finale. Now, Jesse is on the run from the police and trying to deal with his atrocious past. The film starts exactly where the series left off. Breaking Bad was mainly about Walter White (Bryan Cranston), where his character had the greatest conclusion. It also focused on Jesse’s character, but not that much, so this film gives us that necessary and pleasing arc to his character.

The film also brings back our favorite Breaking Bad characters, in flashbacks or the current story, which is a complete nostalgia. Vince Gilligan has once again done it right. The film has the exact tone and vibe as that of any Breaking Bad episode; Filled with brilliant performances, intense moments, drama, little details, and slow-burning story. Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman shines throughput its runtime, he has completely embodied this character.

The cinematography of the film is excellent, it has some aesthetically pleasing shots. The background score of the film is complementary to its compelling and gripping story. The only complaint I have is that it felt like a short film rather they could have had made this story with 7-8 episodes (maybe a Breaking Bad: Season 6).

Verdict : It’s a necessary and compelling story that Jesse Pinkman deserved.

Rating : 3.9/5

Check the trailer here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JLUn2DFW4w

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