Naal (2018) – Movie Review

Naal (Umbilical cord – in English) is a Marathi drama film co-written and directed by debutant Sudhakar Reddy Yakkanti. The film is co-written and produced by Nagraj Manjule, the creator of the gem films Fandry (2013) and Sairat (2016), under his banner Aatpat Production along with Zee Studios.

The film follows the emotional world of an eight-year-old mischievous boy Chaitanya (Shrinivas Pokale). The film sets in a remote village in Maharashtra, where Chaitanya is living happily with his landlord father (Nagraj Manjule) and a loving and caring mother (Devika Daftardar). This is all that the trailer of the film has suggested that it is going to be a visually soothing and beautiful story of a small kid. The same it delivers in the first few minutes; and then what? And then something unexpected happens which turns things upside down for Chaitanya and sets him on a wonderful journey.

From start to end, the film is a stunning visual treat with interesting camera work and beautiful landscapes. Cinematographer-turned-director Sudhakar Yakkanti’s skillful efforts and magic can be seen in every shot. Along with the representation, the content of the film is simple yet powerful. While watching the film, the audience just delves into the naughty and unpredictable eight-year-old boy’s character and starts feeling the same way he feels. There are very few characters in the film, but all of their performances are very much convincing and compelling which actually drives the story forward. In particular, a little kid’s character is so well done that the dialogues and his expressions seem so true that it’ll just melt you down with joy. In the second half, the film becomes a bit slow, but director’s intention to do that is pretty much acceptable.

Verdict : A pure, innocent, and heartwarming tale. A must watch family drama film.

Rating : 4.4/5

Check the trailer here :

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