Home Sweet Home (2018) – Movie Review

Home Sweet Home is a Marathi comedy-drama film directed by actor turned director Hrishikesh Joshi, who is also playing a role in this film, and which is also his first film as a director. The film is known for renowned actress Reema Lagoo’s last performance prior to her death. The film features Reema Lagoo and Mohan Joshi in the leading roles.

The film revolves around an old married couple Shyamal (Reema Lagoo) and Vidyadhar (Mohan Joshi), in their 60s, who are living happily in an old and spacious apartment in the Central Mumbai area since past thirty-five years. Mainly, the film talks about the people and their definition and perception about their home they are living in. After living so many years in the same old house and because of her problem of knee-joints makes Shyamal starts thinking of shifting to a new apartment. And on the other hand, Vidyadhar, who is satisfied with life, wants to live in the same house. The decision making about selling their own house and moving to another place forms the core of the story. And how they both and people around them go through ups and downs while taking this particular decision.

Along with the leads, Hrishikesh Joshi is playing the role of a property broker, Spruha Joshi is playing the role of Vidyadhar’s niece who is living with them, and Vibhawari Deshpande is playing the role of their house-maid. Every single cast in the film has acted brilliantly and made this film as much entertaining as possible. Throughout film’s runtime, poetic lines by famous writer-poet Vaibhav Joshi are woven beautifully in between. The conversations, which happen between the characters are amusing, & conveys so much about keeping balance in the relationships and surroundings which we live in. The film is slow burning in the second half, and at some places, the story loses its path. In some moments, the film goes in a serious mode but jumps back to normal with the right use of comedy and soothing music.

Verdict : A simple and sweet, heart-touching family film, which no one should miss.

Rating : 4/5

Check trailer here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w94LU-wLEiA

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