Vodka Diaries (2018) – Movie Review

Vodka Diaries is the debut directorial crime mystery thriller film directed by Kushal Srivastava. The film stars Kay Kay Menon, Mandira Bedi, and Raima Sen in prominent roles.

The film starts with ACP Ashwini Dixit (Kay Kay Menon) and Shikha Dixit (Mandira Bedi), living together happily married life in the beautiful town of Manali. In one fateful night, Ashwini Dixit comes across series of four mysterious murders which are somehow pointing at a nightclub, Vodka Diaries. Not so far in the film, Ashwini learns that his wife Shikha is missing, and the people whose murder case he is solving starts to pop out in front of him one by one, for him blurring the line between reality and illusion. Further while trying to solve these impossibilities he gets sucked deeper into the black hole making him doubt his own sanity. Where is Shikha? Is Ashwini hunting or getting hunted? Who is lurking in the dark and pulling all the strings? What is the reality?

The film is clearly inspired by one of the best psychological thrillers from Hollywood (won’t name it here otherwise it’ll get fully spoiled). From the start till before the climax the film is interesting and intriguing, it keeps the audience hooked to it despite the weaker script. Before the climax, it sets all the pieces well and tries to play with audiences’ mind but fails miserably towards the end. There is a notable number of plot holes, and Kay Kay Menon tried with all his strength to cover it up, but can’t be overlooked. Kay Kay Menon’s character is believable, his way of expressing his on-screen emotions is applauding and he sure makes the audience feel for his character, and he is the only reason to watch this film.

Verdict : There is a newness but clearly, it is not a perfect thriller rather disappointing. A one time watch for Kay Kay Menon alone. It would be better if you could have some shots of Vodka before watching this.

Rating : 2.8/5

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