Wonder (2017)

Wonder is a family drama film directed and co-written by Stephen Chbosky based on the 2012 bestseller novel of the same name by R.J. Palacio. It is truly moving and heartwarming story of a little kid with differences trying to fit in with the outside world and it is receiving very positive reviews from viewers & critics.

Wonder is a story of August Pullman/Auggie (Jacob Tremblay), a clever and strong-minded fifth-grade kid, born with the rare facial deformity, never interacted much with the outside world, gone through many surgeries, so home-schooled till fourth-grade by his mother Isabel (Julia Roberts). As Auggie reaches his middle school age Isabel and his father Nate (Owen Wilson) decides to enroll him in a regular private school. At first, Auggie is isolated by nearly all the students, making him more and more frustrated with their staring looks, constantly bullied by his classmate Julian (Bryce Gheisar) on many occasions, but he is soon befriended by a boy named Jack Will (Noah Jupe). This inspiring story also explores the aspect of Auggie’s supportive and loving elder sister Olivia/Via (Izabela Vidovic), who is dealing with her own solitude and ignorance towards her by her parents and her best friend, Miranda (Danielle Rose Russell).

The performances of each and every individual are truly justifying and right to the point. Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson as the caring and loving parents are great to see and shine all the time, and it never feels overdone. Jacob Tremblay as little Auggie really stands out like his character in the film. The story itself is incredibly uplifting and positive with some really heartwarming and fun moments which will definitely make your eyes wet and there is hardly a dull moment in a whole film. Every monologue and a moment in the film has something really special to serve to its audience. The best part of the film is its execution which presents the story in the multi-dimensional view making it solid and trying to justify the emotional drifts of its characters. It is the extraordinary story of a struggle of little kid to fit in, and people around him to discover their compassion and acceptance towards him, and choose to be kind.

Verdict : A really beautiful and inspiring family film one should not miss at any cost. And Wonder is truly wonderful.

Rating : 4/5

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