Qarib Qarib Singlle (2017)

Qarib Qarib Singlle is the rom-com drama film co-written and directed by Tanuja Chandra, known for her crime-thrillers and musicals, has made a surprise return to the business with a totally fresh topic, innovative execution, and some nice performances. It is the first time ever Irrfan Khan is playing the lead in the full-fledged romance comedy film, and undoubtedly he just owns his this avatar too.

The film starts with Jaya (Parvathy), a widow, independent working woman, living alone and very illusory life as she hasn’t moved on after the death of her husband. Now to break the shackles of this boring life, Not so long into the film, she ends up making a profile on an online dating app, and there she connects with Yogi (Irrfan Khan), a charming poet, outspoken, and believes in living in the moment, finds his profile comparatively fair and decides to meet him. After few meetings and had some really amusing and reasonable conversations this couple with totally opposite natures and sensibilities decides to go on a short journey together to Rishikesh, Bikaner, and Gangtok to backtrack their past relationships and end up in the most memorable, strange, crazy trip of their lives.

At the high level, the plot is very simple and playful which gives scope to the pure character development and transformation. The performances of leads are flawless. It is the debut Bollywood film of Parvathy, a south Indian actress, and she just shines in her role, her south Indian accent truly completes the character arc. Irrfan Khan is at his best in the comedy role with his versatile acting skills and great timing in dialogue delivery.

This film will definitely make the audience remember the storytelling style of Imtiaz Ali, specifically Jab We Met (2007), where leads go on an unusual journey which aids them in self-discovery and finally finding the love of life. But this film is just the genuine and exceptional take by the director on a conventional rom-com. There are some unanswered threads in the story but those can be easily overlooked. This roller coaster ride with the ups and downs, the heartbreak and the mending of old friendships, the fights, and self-discovery, moves the audience from inside and gives a very special and unforgettable experience.

Verdict : Worth a watch. Experince this unusual and unforgettable rom-com fun ride this weekend.

Rating : 3.5/5

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