Annabelle: Creation (2017)

Annabelle: Creation is the prequel to the not so good Annabelle (2014), but undeniably it is a welcome addition to the Conjuring universe. This is directed by David F. Sandberg, who already gave us Lights Out (2016), and this is the very reason that this one looks promising (expectations are bit high).

This is the origin story of the creepy and the scary doll Annabelle, about how it was made and the characters who played an important role in it. The premise is not so convoluted, it tells the story in a sequential manner leaving clues for viewers to get them to the edge of their seat. There are two central characters Jenice and Linda, little-orphaned girls, who share a really good friendship. And throughout the movie, their friendship is being tested by this demonic entity which is trying to tear them apart. The thing I appreciated most about the movie is its aspect of depth-ness of these characters because it made me feel for them, care for them. Whole first half of the movie needed to have these to build a good story around. In the first half itself, it has a lot of jump-scares included(much needed for the horror genre nowadays) to keep the viewers invested. Two more things needed a mention here is the very clever Cinematography which makes the film give that feeling of horror and suspense. And yes, the excellent Sound Editing heightens the shiver and the thrill. As the movie comes to pace in the second half it is just unstoppable horror thrown at us.

The problem I had with this one is the choppy editing, resultantly I was not able to connect two different shots. It’s the good try at an unconventional way of editing, but it didn’t work here. Again there are some things which some of the characters do, looks so silly and are just unbelievable. One more thing I miss here is the Exorcism which could have made the story more frightening.

Verdict : As I said earlier It’s a welcome entry in the Conjuring universe, and undoubtedly better than the Annabelle (2014). So surely deserves one watch.

Rating : 3/5

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